An Industry First:
Six New Plant-Based Dressings

Girard’s now offers six plant-based dressings that perfectly match the flavor and functionality of America’s favorite dressings. A fabulous Caesar dressing without anchovies. A creamy Ranch without dairy. Satisfy all dressing-users — including vegetarians, vegans and those specific food sensitivities or allergies.

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Food Service

Delivering the Freshest Flavors for Food Service

Our Single-Serve Dressings are Ideal for Take-Away and Delivery.

We have a wide variety of single-serve dressings in 3/4 oz. packets, 1.5 oz. packets and 2 oz. cups — perfect for curbside pick-up, delivery and take-out situations. Find the right classic and contemporary flavors to complement your menu’s meals. Safely, efficiently and consistently.


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